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All within you

Updated: May 16

Hi and welcome to my first blog. The title refers to the true power that is within us all, a power to heal anything. We create our illnesses, this is hard for many to grasp. If we create it we can uncreate it. My therapies are as follows: QHHT ( Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique ).

Life Coaching.

Energy Work ( Distance Healing & Harmonic Balance ).

Bereavement Counciling

Past Life Regression Therapy

QHHT was created by the amazing Dolores Cannon and in her 40 years of practice she bought this healing therapy to others around the world. I came into contact with her work and her amazing videos on Youtube and it spurned me to take the course and now I help people and really enjoy the work. Her daughter Julia Cannon carries on her work now and together they have changed lives the world over. I recommend reading their books to get a life changing viewpoint of life. All of my current life I have wanted to be involved in healing or helping people, now I have found my way. Now it's your turn to find your way in life and to create a healthy well balanced life for yourself and your loved ones.

Much Love




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